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Online Forms

Online Forms

The Bond County Circuit Clerk is happy to supply the common forms listed below.  Other forms and additional information can be found at  To file your forms, come to the Bond County Circuit Clerk's Office located in the Bond County Courthouse, 200 W. College Avenue,  Greenville, IL.             

Bond County Circuit Clerk

Bond County Courthouse

200 W. College Avenue

Greenville, IL  62246-1057      

PH:  618.664.3208

FAX:  618.664.2257


Bond County Circuit Clerk

Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday

8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Petition for Emergency Order of Protection ~ This is the required form to be used when requesting an Emergency Order of Protection from the Bond County Circuit Court.

Emergency Order of Protection ~ This is the actual order form that is completed by a Judge and becomes the Order of The Court.  This form will be filled out by the Circuit Clerk’s Office and presented along with the Verified Petition to the Presiding Judge. 

Request for Notice to Schools:Daycare Facilities.pdf ~ This form is used to request the Circuit Clerk to Notify Schools and Daycare Facilities of the existence of an Order of Protection.

PRO SE Divorce Packet - DivorceInfoForms1-13.pdf This form may be used to petition for a Divorce in Bond County Circuit Court.  This form is not recommended when there are children involved.

PRO SE Divorce Financial Affidavit ~ This form may be required when petitioning  for a Divorce in Bond County Circuit Court where children are involved. 

Small Claims Complaint ~ This form may be used to file a Small Claims Lawsuit in Bond County Circuit Court. Click here for Filing Fee Schedule and CostsPrinter Friendly Detailed Fees.pdf

Guilty Plea Form ~ Use this form to Plead Guilty to a Traffic Offense.  This form replaces Blue Copy of Traffic Ticket.

Passport Application ~ This form is used to apply for a U.S. Passport.  The Bond County Circuit Clerk is an Agent for the U.S. Passport Agency.

Blank Petition Form

Blank Petition Form.doc (Microsoft Word Format) ~ This form may be used to Petition the Court for a requested action.

Blank Motion Form

Blank Motion Form.doc (Microsoft Word Format) ~ This form may be used to request a previous Court action be set aside or changed.

Petition to Expunge and or Seal Court Record ~ Link to the Office Of The State Appellate Defender Expungement Unit. Cost:  $120.00 total ($60.00 goes to the Clerk for Filing Fees and $60.00 to ILLINOIS STATE POLICE.

Motion to Vacate Form

Motion to Vacate Judgment.doc (Microsoft Word Format) ~ This form may be used to request that Judgment Order be vacated.  Use to have a traffic conviction set aside before requesting Court Supervision.

Instructions for completing a request for Order of Protection.pdf  ~ These instructions will guide you through the process of filling out the forms and provide additional resources should you need them.

Policies and Procedures Governing Court Access for People with Disabilities.pdf ~ This form explains the requirements and procedures for requesting equal access for persons with disabilities.

Request for Accommodation by Persons with Disabilities.pdf ~ This form may be used to request accommodations by Persons with Disabilities.

Miscellaneous Court Form - ProSECourtForms4NonAttys.pdf ~ Use this form to file your request with the Court for a case that is already in process.

Child Support Order Notice - ChildSuprtOrderNotice.pdf ~ Petition to enforce a child support order, to establish child support, or to establish parentage in order to obtain child support.

Eviction/Forcible Entry - EvictionsForcibleEntry.pdf ~ This form is used in a civil proceeding for restoring possession of property to the owner.

Guardianship Petition - ProbateGuardnshpPetn.pdf ~ Petition the Court for Guardianship of a Minor.

Name Change of a Minor - NameChangeMinorFillable.pdf ~ Petition the Court to change the name of a Minor.

Name Change of an Adult - NameChangeAdultFillable.pdf ~ Petition the Court to change the name of an Adult.

Probate Small Estate - ProbateSmallEstateAffidavit.pdf ~ Use this form to file a Small Estate (less than $100,000).

Probate Estate Claim - ProbateEstateClaimForm.pdf ~ Use this form to file claim against an Estate.

Indigency Affidavit - IndigencyAffidavit.pdf ~ Use this form to Sue or Defend as an Indigent Person.  If you claim you are not financially able to pay filing fees and costs, you may apply to the Court for waiver of those charges as an indigent person.

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